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Helen to run again for Teesmouth Lifeboat
Helen Pickett niece of crew member Peter Russell is once more set to run in the London Marathon this coming April. Helen's nominated charity is the Teesmouth Lifeboat Station, Helen has run in two previous London Marathons raising money for the RNLI. Helen was accompanied by her husband Simon, whose sponsor was Tesco the supermarket chain in the 2003 marathon. Helen has to date raised 5,450 for the Teesmouth Lifeboat.

Photo: Staithes Lifeboat Open Day 2003, Helen and Simon Pickett (middle) on board the Teesmouth Lifeboat. Coxwain Peter Race MBE (left) of the Teesmouth Lifeboat (retired October 2003), received a cheque from Helen and Simon for 3,800 on behalf of the station, Uncle Peter (right) looks on.



Jim Maidens Memorial Fund 2004
Once again the Jim Maidens Memorial Fund has raised money for the RNLI. The grand total of 1854.52 was split between both the Teesmouth and Redcar lifeboat stations, each receiving 927.26. 2nd Coxswain Ken Alexander and three other members of the Teesmouth Lifeboat Crew were at The Ship Inn Saltburn to gratefully receive the cheque. The monies having being raised from holding fishing competitions, raffles, and a Boxing Day Dip.
Many thanks.

Photo: 2nd Coxswain Ken Alexander receiving a cheque from the
Jim Maidens Memorial Fund for 927.26 at The Ship Inn Saltburn



Cheque for 1,000
John Race, Coxswain of the Teesmouth Lifeboat, gratefully received on behalf of the station and the RNLI, a 1,000 cheque from the Tesco Charity Trust. The cheque was presented to John shortly after the supermarket chain opened their new store in Redcar.
Many Thanks to Tesco for a generous donation.



17th December 2004
"At a recent crew function Peter Race, ex Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat was presented with his Certificate of Service from the RNLI. The presentation was made by John Race, Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat, who read the notation on the Certificate thanking Peter for his 39 years service culminating in 18 years as Coxswain."

Photo: (Left) John Race, Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat presents
(Right) Peter Race, ex Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat
with his Certificate of Service from the RNLI.



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