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"Ernie Douglass”, Teesmouth Lifeboat Branch Treasurer was presented with a bottle of Scotch from Dr.Cameron Davidson, Teesmouth Lifeboat Branch Chairman to mark his retirement at age 70.
John Race Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat also presented Ernie with a signed photograph of the lifeboat with thanks from the crew.



(Left) Ernie Douglass, (Right) Dr Cameron Davidson

(Left) Ernie Douglass, (Right) John Race, Coxswain of Teesmouth Lifeboat

29th August 2004
Relief Lifeboat 47-037 "Sarah Emily Harrop" arrived from Eyemouth to take up Station Duties at the Teesmouth All Weather Station. It is expected that 47-037 will be at Teesmouth for some weeks while the Station's Lifeboat 47-008 under goes work at the Buckie Boatyard.




Photo: Lifeboat 47-037 "Sarah Emily Harrop" in Eyemouth harbour before setting off for the River Tees

Photo: Lifeboat 47-037 "Sarah Emily Harrop" arrives In the River Tees


Photo: Lifeboat 47-037 "Sarah Emily Harrop" launches
on exercise from the Teesmouth slipway.


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