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Last Farewell

Friends and supporters gathered to say there last farewell to the Teesmouth Lifeboat “Phil Mead” and her crew. Onlookers filled the boathouse as the crew lowered ALB 47008 from the boathouse, to the top of the slipway, and then assembled for a crew photo and media interviews, before preparing to launch the lifeboat for the last time. The crowd gathered, two white parachute flares where were fired from on top of the slipway. The whistle blew, the sliphook released and Teesmouth Lifeboat 47008 “Phil Mead” launched for the very last time. It was a very emotional moment, not a dry eye around. The lifeboat made several passes in front of the crowd, the crew waving farewell as 47008 headed into the channel and out of the River Tees, escorted by the Tees Pilot cutter “Coatham”. On passage to Amble Marina in Northumberland.


Last Crew Pic

Teesmouth Lifeboat 47008 “Phil Mead” 29th April 2006

Teesmouth Lifeboat Crew 29th April 2006

Last Launch

Farewell pic

Last launch of the Teesmouth Lifeboat “Phil Mead” 29th April 2006

Teesmouth Lifeboat “Phil Mead” waves good-bye 29th April 2006

Leaving The Tess

Crew at Amble Marina

Teesmouth Lifeboat “Phil Mead” leaves the River Tees 29th April 2006

Teesmouth Lifeboat “Phil Mead” in Amble Marina 29th April 2006

Arriving in Amble Marina the passage crew Coxswain John Race, 2nd Coxswain Ken Alexander, Acting Mechanic Peter Durdan Snr, Crewman Chris Jones, Colin Oliver, Rob Walpole moored 47008 to a pontoon and awaited the arrival of the three crewmen David Price, Pete Russell. Craig Pearson who had driven three cars to Amble to return the passage crew back to Teesside.

Back at the boathouse the remainder of the Teesmouth crew lowered the station flag, locked up the station and LOM Neil Marson posted the keys back through the crew facilities letterbox. A very emotional day.

ALB 47008 “Phil Mead” some days later was transported by road on a low loader to join the R.N.L.I.s reserve fleet of lifeboats at Poole in Dorset

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