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Coxswains of the Teesmouth Lifeboat

1925 - 1935 James Thompson

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1935 - 1946 Jack Thompson

 At sixteen Jack Thompson had joined the Redcar lifeboat, He became a bowman in 1922, and in 1926 he was made second coxswain, and nine years later Coxswain of the Redcar Lifeboat.

 In the beginning of April 1935 Jack Thompson took over as Coxswain of the Teesmouth Lifeboat.


1946 - 1966 John Stonehouse

In May 1961 Coxswain John Stonehouse was awarded the R.N.L.I. Bronze Medal for the service to the yawl “Sybil Kathleen”, in the same year he was aslo awarded the “Maud Smith Award” for the most meritorious service during 1960. In March 1964 a framed letter of thanks, signed by the Chairman of the R.N.L.I. was sent to John Stonehouse and his gallant crew for the service to the steamer “Jalamanjari”



1966 - 1986 Bill (W.P.) Carter

Bill Carter joined the Teesmouth Lifeboat Station in 1943 as a Shore Helper until 1947, became Crew member 1947-52, was appointed Assistant Mechanic 1952-64, made Second Coxswain 1964-66, and was appointed Coxswain of the Teesmouth Lifeboat in January 1966-84, At the beginning of 1981 the R.N.L.I. introduced the “Long Service Badge” awarded after 20 years service. In that first year Coxswain Bill Carter and Mechanic David Robinson both received this badge. In February 1984 Bill was appointed Coxswain / Mechanic, and retired from the Teesmouth Lifeboat Station in 1986, after 43 years service with the R.N.L.I.



1986 - 2003 Peter Race,

Joined the Teesmouth Lifeboat Station in 1965 Was Awarded The R.N.L. ”Long Service Badge” in 1985 along with his brother John Race. Peter was appointed Coxswain of the Teesmouth Lifeboat 22d January 1986. In 1989 Peter was awarded The R.N.L.I. “Bronze Medal” for the service to the fishing vessel “Gang Warily. 24th October 2003 marked the retirement of Coxswain Peter Race MBE after nearly 40 years service with the RNLI.



2003 - 2006 April 29th Coxswain John Race

Joined the Teesmouth Lifeboat Station in 1965, was awarded the R.N.L.I. ”Long Service Badge” in 1985 along with his brother Peter Race. Sadly John was the last Coxswain of the Teesmouth Station.



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