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In the early days the remote location of the station led to an unusual mode of transport for the crew responding to a call. Provided the wind was in the right direction the final part of the journey to the boathouse could be completed on a sail driven bogey running through the sand dunes on railway lines, the route of those lines is still visible even today. During the 1950's and early 1960's the crew used to muster at the Bus Station at Redcar and the Bus company provided a bus which often caused disruption to their customers in Redcar.

As is impossible to record all the events the Teesmouth Lifeboat has been involved in within these limited amount of pages, here are but a few.



October 31st 1914.
The “Bradford” Launched on service to the Hospital ship "Rohilla", aground near Whitby 90 years ago while on its way to pick up soldiers from Dunkirk.. The lifeboat departed for Whitby but suffered structural damage as a result of the weather in the Easterly gale. The motor lifeboat from the Tyne was tasked and able to save many lives from the "Rohilla", for which a Gold Medal was awarded to the Tynemouth Coxswain. A rescue operation lasting 50 hours and involving six lifeboats rescued about 140 of the 229 people on board.



October 22nd 1951.
Launched on service to S.S. "Pandora" disabled off Runswick Bay. The lifeboat crew fought their way 14 miles to the South in a severe storm, which threatened to overwhelm them. Unable to arrive until after the "Pandora" sank the crew carried out a search for 6 hours in atrocious conditions, sadly unable to locate any of the six seamen who perished.


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September 24th 1956

In dense fog the motor vessel “Lecko”, of Lidkoping, ran aground near the Coastguard lookout on the South Gare. The “John and Lucy Cordingley” was launched at 10-30 a.m. and stood-by until tea-time when with the help of the lifeboat, the vessel was refloated, the lifeboat being rehoused again at 6-15 p.m.



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