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History 2

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June 1st 1960.
Launched on service to 70 foot Norwegian Yacht "Sybil Kathleen" dismasted and blowing ashore under the cliffs at Saltburn. The yacht and its three crew were saved and Coxswain John Stonehouse was awarded the RNLI Bronze Medal. The lifeboat travelled 9 miles in a North West gale to save the vessel and her crew.



March 14th 1964

The “Jalamanjari” to which the “Sarah Jane and James Season” was launched when two Lifeboat-men were nearly lost. The steamer having ran a ground off the promenade at Hartlepool. Whilst entering Hartlepool the lifeboats drogue or sea anchor broke free in the heavy following seas, and a large wave swept the stern of the Lifeboat, resulting in a broach, and two men on the bow being washed overboard, when the lifeboat heeled to over 100 degrees. Coxswain John Stonehouse maneuvered the lifeboat to pick up the crewmen, the drogue having been cut away. Once safely on board John Stonehouse thought it was safer to return to station because of the amount of water that had been taken onboard, and no drogue to steady the boat in the heavy following seas. Which they did, for this service a Framed Letter of Thanks’ signed by the Chairman of the R.N.L.I was sent to Coxswain J. Stonehouse and his gallant crew.



November 16th. 1966.
Launched on service to oilrig "Neptune 1" in need of assistance 8 miles NNE of Scarborough in company with Scarborough lifeboat. Whilst dealing with the 30 feet breaking seas and hurricane force North West winds in darkness, Coxswain Bill Carter was washed overboard attempting to make a position fix off Whitby. He was safely recovered and the lifeboat continued on it's mission and remained at sea for 15 hours to give assistance to the 49 souls on the oil platform. The coxswain and crew were awarded the RNLI framed letter of thanks for the arduous service.



November 8th 1971

The Tees Pilot Cutter “Alderman B. O. Davies” put out a MAYDAY call when she began sinking in a in a force 10 North-Westerly gale, with a crew of 3, plus 3 pilots on board. The “Sarah Jane and James Season” launched at 7-30 p.m. and found the cutter 45 mins later 3 crew were rescued, the 3 pilots remained onboard while being taken under tow. In rough seas the tow parted, and the 3 pilots were rescued. The 6 men were landed at Middlesbrough Docks at 11-40 p.m. Letters of Appreciation were sent to Coxswain Carter and his crew for this service.



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