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History 3

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January 3rd 1986

The “Sarah Jane & James Season” was launched on service at 5-30 p.m. after the bulk-carrier “Melete” had ran aground. The Lifeboat stood-by until the vessel had refloated, and then returned to station. This service was the last “Sarah Jane & James Season” was to perform at the Teessmouth station, and the Lifeboat was later reallocated to Shoreham.


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January 14th 1986

A new Lifeboat arrived on the Tees, The “Sarah Jane & James Season” launched to escort the new Tyne class Lifeboat into the river Tees later to be officially named “Phil Mead” in September that year.


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August 26th 1989

Relief Lifeboat “Owen & Ann Aisher” and Redcar ILB “Lord Brotherton” launched in a North Easterly Gale force 7 with driving rain and rough seas, to the fishing vessel “Gang Warily”, which had fouled her nets and was being driven ashore at the foot of the 360 ft cliffs at Hunt Cliff. Redcar “Alantic 21” was first on scene, aided by the blue flashing light of the Coastguard landrover on the cliff top directly above the casualty, the vessel was spotted aground at the foot of the cliffs Helmsman Rodney Tompson dropped anchor and attempted to veer the lifeboat toward the 2 fishermen now trapped on the rocks that would be covered by the rising tide.The ILBs port engine stuck a rock, and was impossible for the I.L.B. to be taken in any further, lifeboatman Peter Hodge volunteered to swim ashore with a line. The “Owen & Ann Aisher” used her search lights to illuminate the scene. Peter Hodge took tight hold of both fishermen and was pulled toward the Alantic 21, the line snagged and all 3 men were pulled under the water. The line freed and all 3 men were washed a shore. Coxswain Race took the “Owen & Ann Aisher” in heavy surf to within 150 ft of the shore to provide a lee for the “Owen & Ann Aisher”s X craft to be deployed. Manned by Acting Mechanic Chris Jones the dinghy was quickly swept ashore, where the 2 fishermen and Peter Hodge were taken onboard. Coxswain Race skillfully edged the Lifeboat closer to the shore where her bows struck the rocks several times, but was then able to go astern with heavy seas repeatedly sweeping in over the stern of the Lifeboat, and towed the heavily laden dinghy with the 4 men, through the breaking waves into the safer deeper water.



Awards for the service to the fishing vessel “Gang Warily”

For his skill expert seamanship and great courage Coxswain Peter Race was awarded the R.N.L.I. ”Bronze Medal”. Chris Jones Acting Mechanic of the Teesmouth Lifeboat and Helmsman Rodney Thompson, with lifeboatman Peter Hodge from the Redcar Lifeboat were each awarded the “Institutions Thanks” on Vellum with all the other lifeboat men involved receiving either “Medal” or “Vellum” Service Certificates. Theses awards were presented to the crew members by ?????????? at the Redcar Navy Club.



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