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J W Archer Story - 1

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The J. W. Archer,s Return to Teesside

In early June 2011 an e-mail arrived via our TLSA contact mailbox on this web site, and read as follows

From Miss Robinson
Dear Sirs,
I would be interested to know if as an organization you are interested in restoring the J.W. Archer, 45ft Watson cabin ex lifeboat
She was converted into a fishing boat and has been sadly neglected for many years and is now due to be demolished.
Please let me know if this is of interest to you or if you know of an organization who would be.
Many thanks Miss Robinson.

My reply to Miss Robinson,

 I have circulated your e-mail to all our members, and hope from that you will get some feed back. A couple of questions, in your e-mail you don't give any indication as to the location of the lifeboat, and would be interested as to how much history you know about the J.W. Archer. Again from your e-mail, are you involved in the restoration of the Archer or are you involved in its demolition?. I run the Teesmouth Lifeboat Supporters Association web site and as you can see from the extract The J.W. Archer was stationed at Teesmouth.

I had attached a picture and some details of the J. W. Archer when she was a motor /sailing lifeboat, to the above e-mail
Best Regards Norman Cassie  Ex -Crew member and Head launcher Teesmouth Lifeboat.

As a result of the e-mail circulated to the members of the TLSA. replies came back with more questions than answers But all agreed it would be a shame for the J. W. Archer to be broken up, but suppose it really depends on her condition as to whether it is even feasible to restore her. If she is in a really bad state (not watertight, holes in the hull etc) then it would no doubt cost a large sum of money to restore her. A committee meeting was held to discuss how we as a group could help. It was obvious is would be beyond our means to take on a restoration project as large this. One suggestion, that the Kirkleatham museum would be prepared to take it on as a long term restoration?. Even if it was just to halt whatever decline her hull was in, smarten her up, and save her for possible future full restoration?. Another, maybe the RNLI would donate the boathouse back to put her in as a museum?. If there was a possibility the J. W. Archer could somehow be brought back to Teesside members of the TLSA were willing to give whatever help they could with the project.

From Dave Price Ex -Crew member
Can you give me Miss Robinsonís e-mail or can you ask her for some photo's of the present condition and exact where about`s. of the J. W. Archer
People on Lifeboats 24/7 seem interested. One works in a boatyard repairing old wooden craft and thinks it maybe a restoration job for him but needs pics.

From Miss Robinson
Hi Norman,
Of course you can send on my email address, no problem.  I have attached a few photos taken about a month ago.  Hope they are of some interest. As I said my father still has the original plans for her and I believe some of the original lanterns.
Thanks for your help
Kind regards
Carli Robinson 

jw full

jw stern

The J.W. Archer Lying at

Barling Hall Creek near Southend on sea in Essex

The J.W. Archer

Floated every tide at this mooring for more than 30 years

Norm. Can you give Miss Robinson my e-mail. someone wants the boat. Dave

From Miss Robinson

  • Hi David,
  • I have spoken to my dad to make sure of the facts, they are as follows,
  • Yes she is free to a good home
  • She floats on the tides every day but my dad is not convinced about towing her all the way back to Teesmouth, obviously that would be the restorers decision but she has not moved off her mooring for nearly thirty years
  • There are a few bits of original, the mast light and he thinks port and starboard lanterns, a few other bits and bobs but not a great deal. He does have the original plans for her construction and a few photos from since he has had her.
  • The engine is original, he thinks Russel Newby make but again since it hasnít been started for thirty years, very doubtful it is savable.
  • It would be lovely if she was restored as a lifeboat but any restoration would be a happy ending for her.
  • She currently lays at Barling Hall Creek which is about 20 minutes drive from Southend on sea in Essex
  • If you would like to speak to my dad his name is Peter Robinson.  He is difficult to catch in but if you keep trying you should get hold of him, if not, you are more than welcome to e-mail me as often as you like.

    Kind regards Lets hope someone can save a beautiful vessel


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