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Services 2001 - 2

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Services 2001 Cont


August 27th 10:29hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched to assist F.V. 'Grena Star' which was disabled with ropes around the propellor. Casualty, along with 3 crew, safely towed to Hartlepool.

Wind - South West Force 1 Sea - 1 metre

July 30th 19:06hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat was afloat on exercise and was diverted to Middlesbrough Transporter bridge where a person was threatening to jump off. Person recovered by Police.

Wind - South West Force 1 Sea - 1 meter

July 8th 07:15hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched to assist fishing coble 'Suvera' which had suffered mechanical breakdown. Towed safely to Whitby for repairs.

Wind - North West Force 5 Sea - 2 metres

June 26th 02:41hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched after a report of a person jumping into the river Tees at the Cellent Football Stadium. Casualty assisted to shore by Police.

Wind- South West Force 4 Sea - 2 metre

June 9th 14:55hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched to Yacht 'Kingfisher' reported to be on fire. Casualty had extinguished fire and was escorted to Hartlepool Marina by Hartlepool Lifeboat.

WIND - West Force 3 SEA - 3 metres

May 13th 17:55hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched to investigate report of swamped dinghy in River Tees channel. Dinghy located, nobody on board but search carried out around docks and jetties to ensure nobody in water.

Wind - East Force 3 Sea - 1 metre

May 11th 06:27hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat alerted to the fishing vessel 'Challenger' which was reported to be broken down 10 miles from the River Tees. Whilst enroute the Lifeboat received a report that the fishing vessel had carried out repairs and was now making for Whitby. Lifeboat returned to station.

Wind - North Force 3 Sea - 2 metres

May 2nd 12:54hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched with a doctor onboard to assist an injured crew member onboard the vessel 'Amstelwal' which was approximately five miles east of the River Tees. After initial treatment onboard by the doctor, the crew member was transferred to the Lifeboat and taken ashore and then to hospital.

Wind - South West Force 5 Sea - 3 metres

April 28th 15:10hrs

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched, after a member of the public expressed concern about a wind surfer who appeared motionless in the water off Redcar. Lifeboat investigated, but was unable to locate the windsurfer. Incident regarded as a false alarm with good intent.

Wind - South West Force 5 Sea - 3 metres

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