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Services 2002 - 1

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Services 2002


29th October

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat "Lord Saltoun" was launched to assist the yacht "Peg", which had run aground whilst leaving the River Tees. The Lifeboat assisted the yacht back into deeper water, which was then able to continue on passage to Hartlepool.

Wind SW 15 Knots Sea Slight

27th October

The Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat responded to a Distress Call from the Yacht "John Ethelred" which with one person onboard reported to be in difficulties, in severe gales, one mile North of the River Tees.

Whilst the Lifeboat was proceeding, the Tees Pilot Cutter located the casualty and stood by until the lifeboat arrived on scene. Once on scene the Lifeboat placed a crew member onboard to assist the yacht's only crew member

Whilst taking the "John Ethelred" to a safe haven within the River Tees, the Lifeboat came across the yacht "Peg" which with three persons onboard was endeavouring to seek shelter within the River Tees.

Both Yachts were taken to a safe mooring at the Transporter Bridge Middlesbrough, were the crew members from the yachts were transferred onto the lifeboat and taken back to Hartlepool.

Wind Northwesterly 45 knots (Gusting 55 knots) Sea 3 Metres.

13th October

At 1130 whilst at sea on exercise the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was diverted by Humber Coastguard MRSC to a report of two surfers in difficulties approximately 150 metres offshore at Saltburn.

Following a search of the area the Teesmouth Lifeboat was able to confirm that two surfers were now safely ashore at Saltburn. The Teesmouth Lifeboat returned to station at 1225.

18th September

The Teesmouth All Weather lifeboat was launched at 1pm today, following a report that the 16ft Fishing Boat "Laura" with two persons onboard had broken down two miles North of Redcar.

The vessel was taken in tow by the Lifeboat back to the River Tees, were it was placed safely back onto its mooring.

8th August

At 4.25pm a report was received expressing concern about two young people in a small dingy between the Newport Bridge and the A19 Bridge on the River Tees.

Teesmouth All Weather lifeboat was tasked to proceed and investigate the report. Once on scene a search of the area was undertaken, which shortly after resulted in two persons, one adult and a child being located in a small dinghy.

The lifeboat took the two persons onboard, and towed the dinghy back to Newport, were they were placed safely ashore.

Wind - Light Northwestly Sea - Slight

8th August

The Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was alerted at 2.50pm by Humber Coastguard, following a report of a woman in the water at the Southgare Redcar. Before the Lifeboat launched confirmation was received reporting that the woman had being safely recovered by the police.

Wind - NW 10 knots Sea - Sligh

5th August

At 10.30pm the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was requested by Humber
Coastguard to launch, following a report from Police of someone threatening to jump from the Newport Bridge, Middlesbrough.

Before the Lifeboat launched confirmation was received reporting that the person was now safely off the bridge, and that no further assistance was required

Wind - Light Southerly Sea - Slight

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