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Services 2003 - 2

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Services 2003 Cont

10th August

At 11:10 Humber MRSC requested the immediate launch of Teesmouth ALB following the receipt of a MAYDAY call from the fishing vessel Flo, which with two persons onboard was in difficulties off Saltburn.

The Lifeboat was quickly launched and proceeded to sea in a North Westerly Wind reaching 70 knots, with a heavy sea. Whilst enroute the lifeboat was diverted to assist the Yacht Natalie which had also reported having difficulties, with the Flo being assisted by other units the Teesmouth ALB proceeded to the position of the Yacht. Before the arrival on scene a report was received of wreckage in the water, the Teesmouth ALB was diverted to join Hartlepool ALB in a search of the area. Two crew members from the Fishing Vessel Northern Star were recovered from the water by Hartlepool ALB.

During the course of the next few hours a number of craft reported problems due to the very sudden change in weather which had occurred. The Teesmouth ALB along with other search units were dedicated during this period to accounting for the safely of all the small vessels which were at sea in the area.

By 14:32 all search units were released to return to station. Teesmouth ALB returned at 15:06 and was rehoused and ready service by 15:45.

Wind NW 70 Knots Sea Heavy

7th August

At 16:20 Teesmouth ALB launched on service, following a report from Humber MRSC that a small fishing boat with one person onboard was overdue from Skinningrove.

Shortly after entering the search area confirmation was received from the shore that the boat had now safely returned to Skinningrove. Teesmouth ALB returned to station at 1830.

Wind Light Airs with Fog Sea Slight

23rd June

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat "Phil Mead" was launched at 2.45pm today following a report that the 25 foot fishing boat "Guiding Star" with five persons onboard, was aground one mile east of the River Tees.

Lifeboat proceeded to the location and was able to get a line onboard the fishing boat, and tow it back into deeper water. Once in deep water the boat was checked for any damage before commencing the tow back into the River Tees.

Lifeboat placed the fishing boat safely back onto its mooring, and returned to station.

Wind SW 4 Sea Slight

24th May

Humber MRSC requested the Launch of Teesmouth ALB at 22:32 to carry out a search North of Hartlepool following a report that a paraglider had entered the water. Hartlepool ALB was already on scene searching.

An extensive search of an area from North of Crimdon down to the River Tees and ten miles out to sea was undertaken without any result. In view of no reports received of anyone missing the search was terminated at 07:25 on the 25th May, with Teesmouth ALB returning to station by 08:00.

Wind SW 10 Knots Sea Slight

13th May

At 06:35 Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat launched to join the search for a man who went missing from a yacht the previous night. A search involving a number of search units was undertaken covering an area from Sunderland to Redcar, with no results.

At 11:45 the search was terminated with Teesmouth ALB released to return to station, arriving at 12:43.

Wind WSW 20 Knots Sea Slight

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