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Services 2003 - 1

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Services 2003

3rd November

Teesmouth Lifeboat launched on service at 08:35hrs to go to the assistance of fishing vessel "Mayflower" which had broken down 6 miles East of the Station. A tow was passed and the casualty safely berthed at Paddy's Hole by 09:53hrs.

Wind Westerly 6 knots Sea Slight

27th September

At 16:05 Teesmouth ALB was tasked by Humber MRSC to assist the 11 metre Cabin Cruiser 'Aquilla A' which had suffered engine problems 4 miles South East of the River Tees.

By 16:17 the Lifeboat had launched and was proceeding to the casualty position, arriving 16:45. A towline was secured to the vessel, with the tow commencing at 16:53. By 1858 the vessel was safely moored in Hartlepool Marina. Lifeboat departed to return to station at 19:00 and was rehoused and ready for service by 20:00.

Wind Easterly 10 knots Sea Moderate

5th September

At 07:39 Humber MRSC tasked the Teesmouth ALB to the assistance of the Fishing Vessel Asgard which had suffered machinery problems approximately six miles South East of the River Tees.

By 07:51 the Lifeboat was launched on service and proceeding to the position of the fishing vessel. By 0815 the Lifeboat was alongside the vessel, and shortly afterwards commenced the tow back into Hartlepool. 10:12 casualty safely moored in Hartlepool with the Lifeboat retuning to station, arriving at 1058, and was rehoused and ready for service by 11:45

Wind Light with Fog Sea Moderate

27th August

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was requested by Humber MRSC to assist the Catamaran Sea Flame II, which had suffered machinery failure some eight miles South of the River Tees. Teesmouth ALB launched at 0817 and proceeded; Staithes A75 had commenced towing the casualty. By 0851 Teesmouth Lifeboat was alongside the casualty and took over the tow from Staithes A75.

By 1136 the Lifeboat had placed the casualty safely alongside at Hartlepool, returning to station at 1212 and was rehoused and ready for service by 1300.

Wind Westerly 15 knots Sea Slight

23rd August

Following a request from Humber MRSC the Teesmouth ALB launched on service to the assistance of the Fishing Vessel White Heather, which had broken down approximately 1 mile from the Southgare Lighthouse, River Tees.

At 16:47 Lifeboat launched, and was alongside the casualty by 16:55, taking the casualty in tow back into the River Tees. By 1815 Lifeboat rehoused and ready for service.

Wind SW 15 Knots Sea Slight

13th August

Teesmouth ALB launched at 1115 to assist the Fishing Vessel Famous which with nine persons onboard had suffered mechanical failure some six miles from the River Tees.

By 1143 the lifeboat was alongside the fishing vessel, and quickly established a tow line, once the tow line was connected eight of the fishing vessel's crew were transferred to the Lifeboat for the tow back to Hartlepool.

Wind Westerly 15 knots Sea Slight

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