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Services 2004 - 2

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Services 2004 Cont

August 22nd

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat "Phil Mead" under the command of Coxswain John Race was launched at 1513 to go to the assistance of the 40 foot vessel "Elander", which with two persons onboard had run aground in the River Tees, following the loss of its rudder.

Lifeboat established a towline to the vessel using the lifeboat's X Boat and then gently eased the casualty clear into deeper water, were it was then towed to the safety of moorings at Paddys Hole in the River Tees.

Wind: ESE 15 Knots Sea: Moderate

17th. August

2148 Humber MRSC advised LOM Teesmouth that the Russian General Cargo Vessel "LADOGA 106" which was in a position 3.5 miles North East of the River Tees had a crewman onboard in need of medical assistance.

2151 Crew paged and at 2215 following the arrival of the Doctor, the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was launched on service and proceeding to the casualty position. By 2231 the lifeboat was alongside the vessel and placed a medical team onboard. Following a full assessment by the Doctor (Deputy HMA) the casualty, who was the master of the vessel, was evacuated to the lifeboat.

2253 lifeboat left the vessel and proceeded back to the Harbour Master's landing in the River Tees, were at 2337 the casualty was transferred to an awaiting ambulance for onward transfer to the James Cook Hospital Middlesbrough.

2347 Lifeboat departed casualty landing site to return to station, arriving at 0005 on the 18th August. Lifeboat was rehoused and ready for service by 0100.

Wind West 2/3 Sea: 0.5 metres Visibility Good

11th August

At 12:38 Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat launched on service and proceeded to the assistance of the Dutch Yacht Ceclia Nono which with 8 persons onboard was reported to have suffered engine failure and drifting in a position 4.2 miles East of the River Tees.

At 12:51 the lifeboat was alongside the yacht and after establishing a towline began towing the yacht to the safety of Hartlepool Marina. By 14:19 Lifeboat and casualty were safely alongside in Hartlepool Marina. At 14:46 the Teesmouth ALB reported to Humber MRSC that it was now returning to station.

15:07 Teesmouth Lifeboat returned to station and by 15:30 was re-housed and ready for service.

Wind: Ely 10 Knots Sea: Moderate

7th August

At 15:45 Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was paged by Humber MRSC and in responding he was advised that the 21 foot Fishing Vessel "Capricorn Lady" with three persons onboard and a dog, had suffered engine problems 2.5 miles North of the River Tees

15:46 crew paged and by 15:59 the Teesmouth All Weather lifeboat was launched and proceeding. At 16:12 the lifeboat reported to be alongside the casualty, and preparing to take it in tow back to the River Tees.

16:50 Lifeboat and tow entered the River Tees and at 17:10 the casualty was placed safely back on moorings. Due to a shortage of water at the berthing location the three persons onboard were transferred onto the lifeboat and returned to the Lifeboat Station, with the lifeboat returning to station by 17:25.

18:00 lifeboat was re-housed and ready for service.

Wind: ESE 15 Knots Sea: Moderate

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