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Services 2005 - 1

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Services 2005

13th December

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was launched shortly after 5.00 pm following reports of a Red Flare in the Tees Bay area. Redcar Inshore lifeboat was currently undertaking a search close inshore between Redcar and the River Tees.

Teesmouth Lifeboat on entering the search area, conducted a visual and radar search between Redcar and Hartlepool and up to three miles offshore, with negative results. With no further reports, and nothing found, the search was terminated at 1930.

Teesmouth Lifeboat returned to station at 1950 and was rehoused and ready for service by 2030.

Wind: SW 15 Knots Sea: Moderate

14th November

At 0540 Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat following a report of a sick seaman onboard the Polish Gas Tanker "Gaschem Phoenix", which was at anchor in Tees Bay.

Teesmouth Lifeboat proceeded with a doctor onboard, and following stabilization by the doctor the crewman was transferred to the lifeboat by stretcher. 0655 the lifeboat proceeded to the Harbour Master's Landing Tees Dock, were the crewman was transferred to an awaiting ambulance and taken to hospital.

Wind: WSW 10 Knots Sea: 1 Metre

13th November

At 1651The Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat was tasked following concern about two people on a Jet Ski who had not yet returned to the beach at Redcar. While preparing to launch a further report was received confirming that everyone was now safely ashore, and no further assistance was required. With this the lifeboat crew stood down.

Wind: WSW 15 Knots Sea: 2 metres

19th October

Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat and Redcar Inshore lifeboats were launched after Humber Coastguard received a report of a man seen entering the water at Marske just after 5.30pm tonight Wednesday.

Lifeboats along with a RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter and Coastguard Shore Search Teams carried out an extensive search of an area both onshore and offshore between Redcar and Skinningrove.

At 2200 the search was terminated without success. Teesmouth All Weather Lifeboat returned to station, and was rehoused and ready for service by 2300.

Wind: SSW 10 Knots Sea: Swell 1 Metre


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